#24: Only When I'm On Fire

Thank you to Taylor Higgins (@TaylorHiggs) for our logo!

Thank you to Taylor Higgins (@TaylorHiggs) for our logo!

It's Episode 24 of the Is This A Thing Podcast!

"Only When I'm On Fire"

Potential Things This Week: 

  • Segway Tours: Watch out for Segway-Ball! An olympic sport in 2032.
  • Facebook Stalking Your Ex: It really boils down to emotional hygiene. And since none of us are capable of maintaining that, Zuckerberg will have to do it for us. 
  • Being Told You Look Like Someone: Apparently, everyone looks like Seth Rogen and Marc looks like the guy from Big Bang Theory. Boingzo! 
  • Non-Smokers: Really, the only correct answer is "It's only water vapor"

We start this episode's journey with a trip through Segway tours, in which we continue our series of "things that are only things if you're white". We then move on to a dangerous topic: facebook stalking your ex! In which Dan strengthens his claim on the "Resident Douchebag" throne. From there, we move on to discuss what do when someone tells you that you look like someone they know! Marc and Dan experience this a lot. Akshat does not. After talking a while about sitcoms, we finally move one to a listener question from friend of the show Annie, in Minneapolis! The question concerns the modern day semantics surrounding the phrase "non-smoker". It boils down to this: unless they're vaping, they don't technically have to tell you that they smoke other things as long as they don't smoke cigarettes. But it is disingenuous and shitty to not say you smoke something else. On the other hand, if they are vaping you won't have to ask at all! They'll be blowing water vapor in your face a few minutes after you meet them. 

"Breakup Mode Initiated"   

Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our theme song, "Oh, No!" off his upcoming album. Listen to it, and other singles like it on his Soundcloud.