What is Is This A Thing?


Is This a Thing is a podcast devoted to arguing whether the things we see, experience, and feel are actually valid, real life things. Can you pick your nose? Is it okay to just leave a party without saying goodbye to anyone? Do people actually name their genitals in real life? We sincerely hope they do not.


In our weekly discussions, we strive to understand and elucidate the very fabric of the society we all live in, until it's a fuzzy blanket-like material. Go ahead. Wrap yourself up inside it. You're probably cold. Did you know most of the people you love and admire will die before you do? That's a thing.  


Is This a Thing is hosted by Marc Bromaghim-Oropeza, Dan Jacobson, and Akshat Arneja. They all live in Minneapolis, have a Bachelors of something or other, and experience tremendous amounts of shame on a day-to-day basis. This podcast was built for the sole purpose of reducing this shame. In reality,  this reduction is no match for the growing knowledge of even more shameful behaviors that we had no idea we were participating in, unknowingly relishing our cretinous habits. They don't even always mean the things they say! The cycle continues weekly, as Sisyphean as it is meaningless. 

We hope you enjoy.