#25: Train Logic

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins (@TaylorHigs) for the logo! 

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins (@TaylorHigs) for the logo! 

It's Episode 25 of the Is This A Thing? Podcast!

"Train Logic" 

Potential Things This Week:

  • Prank Calls: You shouldn't do them. And apparently, it's not really even okay to enjoy listening to them. 
  • Interacting with Friends in Public: Specific, somewhat sexual texts are clearly the way to go if you see a friend in public. 
  • Autocorrect: Just download a different keyboard already. Autocorrect goofs just aren't furniture! See? Not funny.  


It's Episode 25 of the Is This A Thing Podcast! It's our Silver Anniversary, which is just as precious as can be. Today, we talk about a host of issues that highlight how broken we are inside. Deeply, to be more specific. We are deeply broken. We first talk about Akshat's interesting and childlike fascination with Prank Phone Calls. It's still funny to him, even though he admits that it's probably not actually all that funny. From there, we go to a problem Dan has with greeting and being friendly to friends and coworkers that he might encounter randomly on the train. Well, it's not all friends and coworkers. Mostly enemy of the show Steve Farmer. Finally, we get to a PSA from Dan: turn off autocorrect on your phone. It's really just terrible, and if you make a mistake you should have to live with it. That might be the Golden Rule? We'll never truly find out. 

Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our theme song, "Oh, No!" off his upcoming album. Listen to it, and other singles like it on his Soundcloud.