#23: Contracts with Wolves

Special Thanks to @TaylorHigs for the logo!

Special Thanks to @TaylorHigs for the logo!

Episode 23 of the Is This A Thing Podcast!

"Contracts With Wolves"

Potential Things This week: 

  • Social Contracts vis a vis General IncompetenceRemember: if you're bypassing the system for your own personal gain at the expense of others, the thing you're actually incompetent in is being a decent member of society. 
  • New Years Resolutions: So, If you want your resolutions to stick, make sure they sound like something cheerleaders say at high school sports games. Turns out.
  • Listener Question - Fighting Animals: Everything will kill you. Bears. Hippos. Donkeys are monsters, don't fight Donkeys. Maybe you can beat up a chicken, or a gopher, but that's about it.   

Sorry for missing last week. Most of us decided that, as the last time wasn't enough, we had to embark on more spiritual journeys. Dan became an owl. Akshat lived inside the mind of an accountant for a while. Marc had some business to attend to at the business factory. This week we have a lively discussion about social contracts through the lens of General Incompetence! It's a wonderful discussion on how we're all terrible and wrong. We then move on to New Year's Resolutions, wherein Dan insists this is the perfect time to talk about how he likes them, and then proceeds to badmouth them for 20 minutes. It's a shining example of the first topic. We finish with something special: a listener question from Chris in Chicago. This was actually a castoff from the Judge John Hodgeman Podcast, but as we explain, we're willing to take any questions other podcasts may have rejected. Also, we'd like to say to Chris to pass on a message to his Brother-In-Law who thinks he can fight any animal he happens to come across: RIP in peace James. You'll be kicking hippos in heaven. 

"A Hufflepuff of a Podcast"

Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our theme song, "Oh, No!" off his upcoming album. Listen to it, and other singles like it on his Soundcloud.