Is This A Thing Episode #12: Open Source Popcorn Soup

Special Thanks to  Taylor Higgins  ( @taylorhigs ) for our logo!

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins (@taylorhigs) for our logo!

Episode 12 of the Is This a Thing? Podcast!

"Open Source Popcorn Soup"

Starring: Marc, Akshat, and Dan

Potential Things this week:  

  • Pound Town: We propose a trip to our significant others. No one accepts.
  • Soylent: A solution to food for people who think food is a problem.
  • Movie Theater Popcorn: Trash food for trash people that makes too much goddamn noise while I'm trying to figure out who the Gone Girl is.
  • Food Noise: We diagnose Akshat with Misophonia. The only cure is isolation.
  • Soup: Too hard to eat properly? Yes. 

In Open Source Popcorn Soup, we discuss Soylent, a food-alternative that fixes the problems of buying and preparing and eating food. Who has those problems? Marc has those problems. Next, listen to Dan's vendetta against movie theater popcorn! The only good use of your popcorn is to keep people away from your seat. Later, we discover that Akshat has been living with Misophonia for his entire life. You can literally hear the repression! Finally, Soup comes up again, and remains just as controversial as it did the first time.