Is This A Thing Episode #11: A Handwritten Request for Help

Special Thanks to  Taylor Higgins  ( @taylorhigs ) for our lovely logo!

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins (@taylorhigs) for our lovely logo!

Episode 11 of the Is This a Thing? Podcast!

"A Handwritten Request for Help"

Starring: Marc, Akshat, and Dan

Potential Things this week:  

  • Asking for Help: It's by the birds. Just take a left at the Linda District. 
  • General Incompetence: 90% of people, 100% of the time. 
  • Fountain Pens: Do you need one? Maybe. Should you use one? Maybe. Should the government send you one when you turn 25? Definitely. 
  • Hot Towels: How open do your pores need to be to truly enjoy Sushi? Find out here! 
  • ITAT Hair: Ever wanted a crappy haircut given to you by a state congressman? 

In this week's episode, we discuss whether you can ask someone for help, and Marc seems a little violent about the whole thing. Probably because of the atrocities he suffered venturing into the Linda District. Akshat gives a passionate speech about how everyone is terrible at everything, which you can read in a new book he'll write in a few decades. It's a legacy thing. You wouldn't understand. We then venture into Fountain Pens, which concludes with a new law being proposed. Call your Senator. Call the President. A Fountain Pen in every mailbox across America is the type of campaign platform that wins elections. Dan talks about the necessity of Hot Towels. If you start thinking it's like a weird sex thing with him, congratulations! So does everyone. Finally, a new way to get haircuts at ITAT Hair. Get a haircut from the Speaker of the House! Maybe you could bring up your Fountain Pen legislation...

"The kid who smelled so bad he was held back in school"