#29: Sell Us Your Rebates!

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins for the Logo. Follow her on twitter:  @TaylorHigs

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins for the Logo. Follow her on twitter: @TaylorHigs

It's Episode 29 of the Is This A Thing? Podcast!

"Sell Us Your Rebates!"

Starring Marc, Dan, and Akshat

Potential Things This Week:

  • Birthday Gifts for Akshat -  Will Akshat's true desire be fulfilled? Nope, though you will get to hear the word "Gropener" said about 20 times, and in spontaneous harmonics. 
  • Single Ply Toilet Paper - It wouldn't be ITAT if we didn't spend 20 minutes talking about poop and we can use it to improve the nation. Also - Akshat goes too far. 
  • "Hey, I didn't mean to talk to you!"- A new segment, where people who aren't listening unknowingly ask us questions. It all ends in your benefit! Also, we make plans to get some Australian girl extradited and then arrested. 
  • Listening Question - Rebates! - Listen, we all know Rebates are a thing. The real question is, would you sell us your mail in rebate? We both profit! Why not? Tell you what, go ahead and mail in your mail in rebates to us, and we'll get it all figured out for you. 

It's episode 29 of the Is This A Thing Podcast! Travel back in town to the sexy steamy summer days of 2015, as we pull one from the vault! In past land, Akshat hasn't moved yet and still lives in Minneapolis. Also, it was apparently his birthday recently? You can hear him get his presents! Crazy to think that a time existed before 'Straight Outta Compton' was released. It's wild. Anyways, true to form we basically talk about poop for 20 minutes or so. Mostly about single-ply toilet paper. We then move onto twitter, where we give advice to people who accidentally tweeted at us instead of hashtagging "Is this a thing". It's a wonderful segment we're calling "Hey, I didn't mean to talk to you!". Also, we're just kidding about harassing that girl via twitter. Our lawyer told us we had to mention that. We finally reach a wonderful listener topic from Chris R in Minneapolis - Rebates! Are rebates a thing? We're pretty sure we have an answer, and we're pretty sure we have an award winning business idea to go with it. So join us as we enter first back into your phones, then slowly and creepily into your homes, and finally reach our destination: your hearts. Thanks for listening! 

"I've been incorporated for years"

Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our theme song, "Oh, No!" off his upcoming album Became a Stranger. Listen to it, and other singles like it on his Soundcloud or Bandcamp.