Is This A Thing Episode #17: Elevators - A Love Story

Special Thanks to @TaylorHigs for the logo!

Special Thanks to @TaylorHigs for the logo!

Episode 17 of this Is This A Thing Podcast!

"Elevators - A Love Story"

Potential Things This week: 

  • Incentives for Designated Drivers: You can't argue against this unless you're the devil. Also, if our ideas go into place get ready for everyone to be the DJ they've always wanted. All it takes is not drinking! 
  • Wearing the Same Clothes Every Day: What are your co-workers going to say? Even if they call you out, just gaslight them. And then make them question their existence and life choices. It's like a get out of jail free card. Specifically: hygiene jail. 
  • Riding the Elevator: Haters gon' hate, Akshat gon' ride the goddamn elevator.  

It's Episode 17 of the Is This A Thing Podcast! We start by discussing the saddest game in the world. It's a treat, it's a story, it's the meaning of life. Pavlo's life, specifically. We then move on to whether Akshat can buy fountain pens for exotic websites. Here we discover a wonderful truth: we'd all be friends with college-Dan. We then move on to deciding what wonderful incentives there should be for designated drivers. Answer? DJ Sets! DJ Sets for every sober driver! When Podcasts can be elected, this is what we'll campaign on. We also discuss wearing the same clothes to work everyday. It's not every episode that we advocate gaslighting and emotionally confusing your coworkers, because we edit that out every episode. We end on a wonderful listener question, calling out one of the hosts for their questionable behavior and disregard for society! I know what you're thinking - and it's actually not Dan! Wow! 


Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our new theme song, "Oh, No!" off his upcoming album. Listen to it, and other singles like it on his Soundcloud.