#38 Vice President Criss Angel

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins (@TaylorHigs) for the logo!

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins (@TaylorHigs) for the logo!

It's Episode 38 of the Is This A Thing Podcast! 

"Vice President Criss Angel"

Starring Marc, Dan, and Akshat

Potential Things This Week: 

  • Using your phone at the urinal: As always, the solution isn't to get people to stop. The solution is to offer them an alternative. In this case, Daddy Gets A Taste Inc. is proud to present PissBlasters™! Note: Daddy Gets A Taste Inc. is not responsible for any Dick watching that may take place. 
  • Cash Dying Out: A great listener question sent to from Mike, in Minneapolis. All of these new technologies are just a stopgap to the apocalyptic time when money will mean nothing, and this podcast will be done only to appease our mutant lizard overlords. 
  • Adult Coloring Books: In this, like anything else in life, we must defer to the wisdom of Bun B. 

It's episode 38 of this Is This A Thing Podcast! We start our courageous journey by offering a Vice Presedential nominee for Donald Trump. With this pick, he's got it in the bag. The bag also a contains a live rabbit! Magic! We then continue by talking about the plague of Dick Watchers vis a vis using your phone at a urinal. They're everywhere. Luckily, we have a solution. Then, we move on to a wonderful listener question from Mike, in Minneapolis. Is cash dying out? Yes, probably. Stop resisting change, olds. It's the way of the future. Finally, we talk about adult coloring books. Marc gets really angry, but don't worry. He apologizes for it. 

"Those giant mutant salamanders, are they a thing?"

Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our theme song, "Oh, No!" off his upcoming album Became a Stranger. Listen to it on his Bandcamp, and follow him on Facebook for more information about show dates and tour info.