#32 If There's Grass on the Field, Clem Fandango.

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins ( @taylorhigs ) for our logo!

Special Thanks to Taylor Higgins (@taylorhigs) for our logo!

Episode 32 of the Is This a Thing Podcast!

"If There's Grass on the Field, Clem Fandango."

Potential Things This week: 

  • Same Side Sitters: Akshat finds himself disgusted at a couple eating side by side. His solution? Ban them from everywhere.
  • HIDMTTTY: America's favorite segment is back! This time with more Truffle and Clem than ever!
  • Suberb Owl Monday: For legal reasons, lets pretend like we pronounced it like that. President's day just got more flexible.
  • Taking a Break: Boy do we have some bad news for Ben... "I think I'd like some space... forever."

It's Episode 32 of the Is This A Thing Podcast! Akshat is sick, which adds to his "husky" tone. Listen as Dan starts to tell the story that never ended. He first brings up sitting on the same side of a booth at a restaurant. Who does this? Monsters. Next, its America's favorite segment: "Hey, I didn't mean to talk to you!" This time it is LA Duke @churlsplay on Twitter who asks a question we'll never forget, but never understand. Next, we talk about America's next great holiday, Suberb Owl Monday. The day after the big game, we all take a big nap. Finally we have a listener question from "Ben-t outta shape." Are breaks a thing? No, but break-ups are, and you just had one.

"Garçon, we're going to be performing the sacred."

Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our theme song, "Oh, No!" off his upcoming album Became a Stranger. Listen to it on his Bandcamp, and follow him on Facebook for more information about show dates and tour information.