#27: Hangcast!

It's Episode 27 of the Is This A Thing? Podcast! 


Starring: Marc, Dan, and Akshat

Potential Things This Week: 

  • Hammocks: Come visit a dystopian future, where the land is riddled with hammocks, and the survivors have only one question: "why did we let all the kids 'mock so hard?"
  • Slacklining: Follow the adventures of Kickflip McDonald! 4'8" of pure, unadulterated sidekick.
  • Hanging Tents: Should it be? Could it be? Will it lead to our demise?                       

It's episode 27 of the Is This A Thing Podcast! That's right, we're back! Hah! Take that, enemy of the show Scronald McManman! This week, we're just hangin' around brah. Come chill with us! We first talk about the new talk-of-the-town in South Minneapolis: straight 'mockin. All the kids are doing it! Next, we talk about Slacklining. It's an important treatise about the future of our nation's wonderful parks, and how we can turn them into a veritable wonderland of hangin'. Finally, we talk about a new possible thing: hanging tents in trees in your backyard. It's a terrifying concept, but one that could prove oh so comfortable. Thanks for hangin' with us! 

"A Mullet of a Car"

Special thanks to Fletcher Magellan for our theme song, "Oh, No!" off his upcoming album. Listen to it, and other singles like it on his Soundcloud.